Who is Amexia M. Porterfield?

My life has evolved in so many ways. I am married to my best friend, mother to an awesome little boy and I just want to share my awesome world with you. I am an engineer by trade and a figure competitor by choice. I love competition and I always love a challenge.  My parents always encouraged me to be the best I could be and did whatever was needed to allow me to challenge myself. In 2010 I was in a car accident where my car was totaled and I suffered lower back pain and injury to my left sacroiliac (SI) joint.  I went through 2 years of Physical therapy, Chiropractic care, and injections in my back and hip. Training really helped my body to heal and evolve into better condition. There was once a time where I took for granted things such as sitting, standing, and walking without pain.  I am now an award winning competitor.  I want to leave a positive mark on the world. I want to inspire others to reach their goals no matter what they are.  I want them to know that it takes time and dedication.